5G: Friend or Foe?

With this documentary project, we have not been naive. We realize there is a lot more to consider such as other versions of wireless communication and other sources including radar, radio, and TV but for practical reasons we have used 5G as a model for discussion because 5G is on peoples’ minds. Its roll out is raising concerns all over the world, including how the non-stop exposure increases will impact our living environments.

While there is not a tremendous amount of science on 5G, there exists deep understanding going back decades of how electromagnetic radiation works in the body to disrupt biological functioning. Importantly, 5G will be yet another wireless technology, based on completely new concepts of beamforming with the small cells focusing the transmission in a particular direction towards mobile devices. These include cell phones, laptops, autonomous cars, IoT (Internet of Things) nodes, industrial or military robots. There will be added impacts from network slicing, MIMO (multiple input multiple output) technology, network efficiency, and energy saving, but using progressively higher and higher frequencies, thus increasing the potential for biological disruption.

Therefore, much of the content contained in this film are not just hypotheses and theories but also facts grounded in decades of knowledge and earlier scientific understanding about how electromagnetic fields interact with our biology and with other living systems.

We invite you to arrive at your own conclusions.

We would love to see that the experts are actually wrong, and that early concerns about this nascent technology were overblown.

But, now is the time, before 5G technology becomes pervasive, that societal leaders and citizens must strive to understand what is emerging before us. Now is the time to determine if this is the future we want, saturating our environment with electromagnetic fields and wireless devices and their infrastructure, with the many forms of risk. We seek to put the facts on the table for your consideration.

Please share your comments, questions, suggested corrections and learn more at our website: https://www.5gfriendorfoe.com.  Thank you.

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